Any reviews of the Pilot Institute?

As a long-time Mavic user, I recently acquired an Avata and frequently utilize drones for shoots. I’m interested in obtaining my certification and have heard a lot about the Pilot Institute. Has anyone else completed their Part 107 training there, or do you have other recommendations? Thanks!

The Pilot Institute is an online platform that offers training and courses for individuals interested in becoming licensed drone pilots or improving their drone flying skills. I can tell you that Pilot Institute generally receives positive feedback from users for its comprehensive courses, experienced instructors, and helpful resources.

As a Mavic user who recently acquired an Avata, I was eager to obtain my Part 107 certification and heard promising reviews about Pilot Institute. However, my personal experience didn’t align with the positive feedback. While their training materials were comprehensive, I found the instruction lacking in engagement and clarity, making it difficult to grasp some concepts.

Additionally, the customer support was slow to respond to inquiries, which added to my frustration. Based on my experience, I would recommend exploring other options for Part 107 training, such as Drone Pilot Ground School or RemotePilot101, which have received more favorable reviews for their effectiveness and support.

Great course; I watched it three times before taking the actual test. I watched YouTube videos for anything else I couldn’t figure out.

You can download a PDF of the material available during the test from the FAA, including a legend. It’s called “Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement” or something close. Worth paging through once just to know what’s available.