Are there any biggest American drone companies that manufacturer drones?

Who has a list of American Companies that manufacture drones and the drones they make?


Let’s be honest, most American drones are three times the price compared to DJI, but my current workplace is doing government contracts in Florida and requires us to use American drones for certain projects. We tried testing something cheap and got a refurbished (and discontinued) Anafi Parrot and it is a load of dog turd when it comes to image quality, stability and has no sensors or gimbal. These drone laws seem sorta ridiculous to me considering DJI still hasn’t been proven to give their info to the CCP (small rant). Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone out here has had any good experiences with American drones. We do marketing so we have NO NEED for infrared, search and rescue, LiDAR, or anything, we just need the best video quality and stability possible as well as being quick and reliable. Budget is not much of an issue but I think the company wants to keep it around $5-6K. They are leaning towards the Anafi AI. We would like something that can match the quality of a DJI Mavic 3. HAS TO BE BLUE-LISTED FOR USE IN FLORIDA GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS AND HAS TO HAVE REMOTE ID BUILT IN. If anyone can help me out here and share their experiences, it’d be a great help thank you!


Alright, let me clarify a few things for everyone. Drones with an American label only exist; all other parts, including flight controllers, are sourced from China.


Skydio is the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight technology.

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Autel Robotics This company was a Chinese company, Autel Robotics manufactures the EVO II series in the United States.

These drones are equipped with dual cameras supporting 8K and 4K resolutions, ideal for both professional cinematography and detailed aerial surveys​ (Dronesgator)​.