Ascend Asc-2600 drone replacement battery

I just bought my first drone, an Asc-2600 model, and I’m impressed with it for $70. However, it only comes with one battery that provides about 16 minutes of flight time.

I could not find replacement batteries for the Asc-2600 online, so I tried using batteries from the Asc-2400 model. They work, but they’re slightly bigger and can be difficult to fit.

One of them was too big to fit at all. Overall, the Asc-2400 battery works in the Asc-2600 and gives an extra 32+ minutes of flight time. Still, no luck finding Asc-2600 batteries.


@Slime_stealth it was a great deal… Asc-2600 drone for only $70 :astonished:

The Asc-2400 battery works for longer flights, although it’s a tight squeeze in the compartment.

For the battery try (3.7v, 2600mAh) or use the Asc-2400 with care.


Well done on your first drone! If you can not find Asc-2600 batteries, try Asc-2400 ones. Although they are a little tight, they should fit on planes longer than thirty-two minutes! Drone hacking

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Great advice @FlightFocusFinn hope you will get battery (3.7v, 2600mAh) or Contact the manufacturer or consult dealers of Asc-2600 drone

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Are Asc-2600 batteries hard to find? The Asc-2400 fits and offers more flight time, but it’s a tight fit. Even one battery can be difficult to accommodate. Try searching for “universal drone batteries.”