Black Falcon 4k drone review

My mom gave me a drone for Christmas, but I think she got it from a company called “Black Falcon drones” that might not be very good. There are lots of websites and YouTube videos that seem to say good things about it, but I’m not sure.

From what I can tell, it seems a bit too expensive, around $100. I tried it inside and it seems to work okay. The video works fine, and it has cameras pointing forward and downward. It came with extra batteries, but they don’t hold as much charge as the main one. I haven’t tried it outside yet. This is my first FPV drone, so I guess it’s okay to see if I like flying drones.

Does anyone have more trustworthy information about this drone? Also, my mom accidentally ordered two. Should she try to return one to the company, or should she just give it to one of my nephews or nieces?


Your instincts might actually be right because the reviews online are from verified users hence they are the real experience with the drone.
Therefore for the second drone, your mom can actually try returning the purchase and get a good drone from a reputable company.


Why comment negatively yet from your reply it seems that you have never actually used the drone. Just reading some online reviews maybe they are actually propaganda to tarnish the drone.

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The drone has several advantages including:

  • It is a compact and affordable quadcopter
  • It can capture aerial footage with a 4K camera
  • The setup and control with a smartphone app are user-friendly

Although some users have experienced negative reviews about the drone, it is not a bad deal for a person on budget.

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There are mixed reviews online, some YouTube videos seem to like it, but others mention the price being high for what you get (around $100). The fact it has two cameras and extra batteries (even if smaller) is a good sign but maybe try it outside for a better feel. Since it’s your first drone, even if Black Falcon isn’t top-of-the-line, it’s a good starter to see if you enjoy flying them. If you want more info on the drone itself, searching online for “Black Falcon Drone Reviews” might give you a clearer picture. As for the extra drone, your mom could try returning it to Black Falcon, but if that seems like a hassle, gifting it to a nephew or niece could spark their interest in drones too!

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The lack of widespread recognition doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product, but it does mean that you should be cautious and do some research.