Can I take a drone on an airplane?

Has anyone flown with a drone? Were you able to check it in a hard case with the batteries, or did you have to carry it on? I’ve heard conflicting information about the correct way to transport the batteries, so I’m looking for firsthand experiences.

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Travelling with your drone might be difficult, especially deciding what to do with the batteries. Most airlines recommend packing all of your drone batteries, including extras, in your carry-on luggage for safety reasons. However, check with your airline directly, since they may have specific battery size requirements (measured in watt hours). Putting your drone in checked baggage with the battery mounted may be OK for batteries containing less than 100 watt-hours, but it is not guaranteed. To avoid difficulty, keep everything in your carry-on. Also, ensure that your drone case meets the airline’s size requirements and consider labelling it with your contact information. Don’t forget to verify the drone legislation in the location you’re visiting!

It only becomes a problem if you reach a foreign nation where non-citizens are not allowed to operate drones. I’ve heard terrifying stories of drones being confiscated by customs prior to takeoff.
Make sure you research the drone legislation in every country you may visit abroad. You don’t need to worry about anything if you are traveling within the United States and it fits in your carry-on or personal item (purse, backpack, satchel, etc.).