Did I screw up? Black bird 4k

I did not research this thoroughly. I purchased one. It is supposedly been shipped.

I have looked into this since, and I am not sure why. One YouTuber claims it is a hoax, but there is not any supporting evidence. Many websites claim to offer it, but as everyone duplicates everything these days, is not that the case with modern electronics?

Not much is what I want. A drone that can fly over my trees and locate farm machinery. Perhaps some pictures of clouds since, well, silly trees.

Does anyone have firsthand knowledge of this? Well, fine if it is a generic solution that functions. If I simply mishandled my credit card like a few others have, without any evidence, then I ought to take immediate action.

Once more, those who have firsthand knowledge, not just “I heard this.”

Because this can go both ways.

hallo ryan my advice is its your choice,. If you’re satisfied with the Black Bird 4k, that’s wonderful! However, if there’s any uncertainty, it might be wise to explore alternative options before finalizing your purchase.

I’m very sorry to hear that you experienced that.I came onto this topic a few weeks back while looking into purchasing one after seeing an advertisement. Though they are the same, I thought I’d point out that the one I saw was referred to as a “black falcon 4k drone” rather than the black bird. “Get Black Falcon Drone” is the website as well.