DJI Fly Safe Restricted Zone Help

I need help unlocking a restricted zone on DJI Fly Safe. I was hired to shoot footage of a large warehouse, and they requested indoor footage to showcase the warehouse floor. Unfortunately, the building is in a red restricted zone, so I can’t even take off indoors, even though it’s completely safe with no risk of colliding with another aircraft. Don’t you just love blanket solutions?

I’ve called the nearby base for permission to fly before, and they simply told me to submit a waiver on the FAA website. However, my requests have always been canceled after a few days, which makes me hesitant to even try.

Any help is appreciated. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here.

It can be difficult to navigate drone rules. If you would want more information on the waiver procedure, think about contacting the FAA directly. Additionally, for advice unique to your circumstances, speak with the local authorities. Wishing you luck!

It can be difficult to navigate limited regions in DJI Fly Safe, particularly while shooting indoors in safe locations. Even with safety measures in place, general prohibitions impede lawful drone operations. There may be answers by getting in touch with the local authorities or looking at other flight planning tools. Perseverance and unambiguous contact with the appropriate authorities may make exemptions for certain missions possible.