Do Other Drone Manufacturers Have Less Obnoxious Geofencing?

As an owner of two DJI drones (Mavic and Avata), I could recount numerous frustrating experiences with DJI’s geofencing. Suffice it to say, these issues have led me to advise against purchasing any DJI products.

If you have experience with both DJI and another drone brand, your insights would be greatly appreciated.

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Based on my research, it seems that other drone manufacturers, such as Autel, may have less restrictive geofencing compared to DJI. While DJI’s geofencing is often perceived as overbearing, it appears to be a result of the company’s efforts to navigate regulatory approval and minimize legal risks. Smaller manufacturers like Autel face less scrutiny, allowing them more flexibility in this area. However, this discrepancy is not just about market dominance, but also the visibility and volume of drones from larger companies. Ultimately, obtaining permissions to bypass geofencing restrictions is usually straightforward, though the need for repeated applications can be frustrating for users. The broader dialogue between regulators, manufacturers, and drone pilots highlights the balance between safety, freedom of use, and regulatory compliance.

I’ve used both DJI and Autel Robotics drones extensively, and while DJI’s geofencing can be frustrating, especially in restricted areas, I’ve found Autel drones to offer more flexibility in flight permissions. With Autel, I could easily adjust flight settings and unlock restricted zones with less hassle compared to DJI’s stricter geofencing policies.

The flight controls and camera quality were comparable between the two brands, but Autel’s more lenient approach to geofencing provided a smoother experience for capturing aerial footage in diverse locations. Overall, if geofencing flexibility is crucial for your drone operations, Autel Robotics might be worth considering as an alternative to DJI.

I can see why you are annoyed that using DJI drones has been hampered by geofencing problems. Numerous users have experienced such difficulties. If you are looking at other options, the Skydio 2 drone is built in the USA and has strong autonomous capabilities, so it might be more in line with your tastes. Drones from Autel Robotics have been deemed competitively featured and dependable by others. Look into these possibilities to see if you can locate a drone that suits your needs without having the geofencing problems you have had with DJI.