Drone equipped with a long-range thermal camera

Sup fam, I’m in the market for a drone that’s equipped with a long-range thermal camera. I need it for a project where I have to survey a large area and detect heat signatures from a distance.

I’ve been doing some research, but there are so many options out there, and I’m not sure which one would be the best fit for my needs. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? I’d appreciate any advice or insights you can provide.

Picking a long-range thermal drone can be overwhelming. Here are some top choices to get you started:

DJI Matrice 300 RTK: High-end option for exceptional performance (long flight time, long range, powerful thermal camera). Great for tough conditions too.
Yuneec H520E: More affordable option with good long-range thermal abilities (good flight time, long range, decent thermal camera). Balances performance and affordability.
JOUAV CW-25D: Heavy-duty gas-powered option for extreme missions (super long flight time, very long range, various thermal camera options). Ideal for long surveys over huge areas.

Remember to consider image resolution (higher means more detail and distance), radiometric capabilities (absolute temperature vs. relative differences), flight time/range, weather resistance, ease of use for your skill level, and any regulations in your area

Before we continue, what’s your budget???

If you’re planning to use a drone equipped with a long-range thermal camera, it’s important to check your country’s drone laws. In Europe, Canada, and the USA, laws typically require drones to remain within the operator’s line of sight during operation.