Emotion drone that are best in town

I’m thinking of getting an emotion drone for aerial photography and filmmaking, but I’m not sure how well it will work or how dependable it will be. Can someone who has used or owned an emotion drone please share their thoughts? What is its battery life and how does it perform in various weather conditions? I would be grateful for any pointers or recommendations for a beginner drone owner. I appreciate your assistance.

hallo when u consider ,their rates, they are typically low (often below $100), it provides excellent value for beginners and casual users.

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The JOUAV CW-15 stands out as a top-tier LiDAR drone designed for large-area mapping tasks. The JoLiDAR-120 offers impressive specs such as a 1430-meter measuring range, 1.8 million points/second maximum point frequency, and 15 maximum echo counts.

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Roughly estimating and relying heavily on AliExpress for flamboyant pricing, in USD:

  • Falcon v2 STL files: $35
  • Approximately 1.5kg of LW-PLA filament for a Falcon 2: $50
  • Carbon spars: $20
  • Hardware (screws, screw inserts, superglue, etc.): $20
  • Matek H473 Wing flight computer: $100
  • Matek DVLR-100 digital airspeed sensor: $80
  • Matek M10Q GPS and compass: $40
  • 7x Emax ES08MD II servos: $100 (price for 8, so one spare)
  • 2x BrotherHobby 2816 620kv motors: $75
  • 2x Lumenier 51A BL_Heli32 ESCs: $50
  • 48x Samsung 50S 5000mAh 21700 cells: $380
  • Radiomaster Bandit 900MHz receiver: $25
  • Radiomaster Bandit 900MHz transmitter module: $100
  • SIYI A8 gimbal camera: $260
  • SIYI HM30 transmitter/receiver set: $320
  • Approximately 10% for shipping: $165
  • Approximately 20% for potential errors in calculation, wastage, and overlooked items: $330

This brings the total to around USD $2200.

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For beginners, try the PowerVision PowerEgg X or DJI Mavic Mini.

They provide better image quality, reliability, and maneuverability.

Plus, they include features like GPS tracking for added peace of mind.

You can put emotion drone into rest for now @Evander_Mitch

hi folks If you want a drone that can detect emotions, you might need to wait a few years until the technology is more advanced.