Exo drone purchase WARNING

I did my research before purchasing the Exo X7 drone on multiple sites, including this subreddit. I did not find any bad reviews. Their whole marketing technique is “same technology as DJI, 25% of the price.”. Let me just say that is bull crap. The videos and pictures they use in their marketing materials are completely different than what I am getting from my drone. They are barely decent, but if you zoom in at all, it’s very pixelated. It claims 4k video and it looks worst than a cheap androids camera. It’s a rebranded beast drone that is marked up 150$. DO NOT BUY THIS DRONE.

I’m making this post because I wish I had seen an honest post like this before spending the 310$ I did. Save a little more money to buy a dji mini.

I have the EXO Blackhawk Pro. It is an excellent drone for the money. They are well built and the video is 4K and looks superb. Maybe you don’t have the settings set right or something