GPS tracker for a drone

Hi everyone,

I am new to flying drones/quads, but I have a master’s in aerospace engineering, so I understand the dynamics behind them. I recently got a small quad and want to track its position from the ground using some kind of sensor. I’m not sure if this can be done affordably, but I’m curious if anyone else has tried this before. Thanks!

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It is possible to use a sensor to track your drone from the ground!

For varying budgets, consider these two options:

  • Budget-friendly: Download a free drone control app (Wi-Fi connection) for real-time data like distance/altitude.
  • Advanced: Consider a long-range radio system with telemetry (more technical, pricier).

Search online for “[your drone model] + tracking + [chosen method]”. Your engineering skills will come in handy!

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As a fellow aerospace engineer, I understand your interest in tracking your drone’s position from the ground. While it’s possible to do this affordably, it requires some research and experimentation. One option is to use a radio frequency (RF) sensor that can detect the drone’s signal and triangulate its position. There are affordable kits available online that allow you to build your own RF tracking system. Another approach is to use a camera-based system with image processing software to visually track the drone. This requires more setup but can provide accurate position data. I’ve seen hobbyists successfully track drones using Raspberry Pis and OpenCV. The key is to experiment with different sensors and techniques to find what works best for your specific setup and budget. With some tinkering, you should be able to create an affordable tracking system that leverages your aerospace knowledge. Let me know if you have any other questions.

After attaching the tracking device to your drone, it will automatically start reporting its location and it will continue reporting its position and speed, along with many other useful parameters to our cloud-based GPS Tracking software GPSLive.