Holy stone hs720 foldable gps drone with 4k uhd camera

I am searching for a drone to capture 4K video during my trips. Would this drone be suitable? It has received plenty of positive reviews on Amazon.


The company is called ‘holy stone’ because their drones fall out of the sky like stones when you cry ‘holy shit’. /s

Real talk? My Holy Stone drone (HS510) had largely positive reviews on Amazon, however it would frequently stop moving forward/backward/right at all, forcing me to fly it back by spinning and moving left, then landing, pulling the battery, reinstalling the battery, and it would work properly again. And then, approximately 5 minutes into a flight with a new battery, it abruptly stopped responding, shot up to about 30 feet, and shut down totally, breaking on the concrete below it.

I propose that you avoid Holy Stone like the plague.

I went with Holystone, but my advice to you as a brother, go for DJI instead. I regret not choosing DJI from the start!