Is Stealth Bird 4K suitable for beginners?

Hi guys. I need honest advice. Is Stealth Bird 4K suitable for beginners?

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Depends on what you are prioritizing. If you’re all about the features and don’t mind spending some time learning, the Stealth Bird 4K is a great choice.

However, for something more basic and budget-friendly to start with, you might want to look at other beginner models first.

Reviews of Stealth Bird 4K’s beginner friendliness are conflicting. For a more comfortable learning curve, think about well-known companies that offer superior assistance.

My experience using the Stealth Bird 4K was not that pleasant. I would not use it for any serious work. It is more of a training sort of Drone. Also, it has bad good footage, due to its poor camera.
You can purchase it, but its not all that