Is the mini 4 pro worth it?

I have never flown a drone before and want one for photography and filmmaking. Is the Mini 4 Pro worth it compared to the Mini 3 Pro or other options?


I got mine a few days ago, and it’s been a blast. I’m also a first-time drone user, and this drone is ridiculously easy to understand and fly. In my opinion, it is well worth it.


The Mini 4 Pro is worth it for its compact size, powerful performance, and versatility, ideal for those needing a portable yet capable device for productivity and entertainment on the go.

I am trying to upgrade from a Mini 3 soon. You know I have watched a couple of YouTube reviews about the mini 4 Pro. I think it is solid as far as the following areas are of concern

  • Foldable for easy portability. If you like traveling it won’t be cumbersome to carry it around
  • Great Video quality 4K60HDR, can also shoot 4K100 which is better than the 1080 on the Mini 3. This also means good color grading
  • Great Battery Life
  • Easy to shoot in windy conditions
    I am saving to buy the Mini 4 Pro, so its worth it in my opinion

Bellatrix, that seems like you had an amazing experience with your new drone! That it’s simple to use and comprehend is wonderful to hear, particularly for new users. Drone flying can lead to new opportunities and perspectives, and it can be a very fulfilling hobby. What kinds of pursuits or locations have you so far used your drone for exploring?