Jelly Star or Atom L camera macro test request

Considering the Jelly Star for my next phone with Tmo/Mint. Wondering about its camera for capturing fine details like small text on devices. Any insights or macro samples would be helpful.

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Due to its low resolution and restricted macro capabilities, the Jelly Star’s camera may have trouble catching minute details and small text. For more insightful information, look through user evaluations or example photographs on the internet.

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I love my Jelly Star, even though I am not sure I understand the question. It is a completely functional Android 13 phone, and everything functions just as I would have expected (for example, my fingerprint and NFC sensors work well). Due to the other commenter, mention.

For the record: On my phone, I installed LineageOS 20. I have never used the Unihertz stock firmware before.

The Jelly Star, also known as the Unihertz Jelly 2, is a compact smartphone with a unique design. While it’s known for its small size, its camera capabilities, especially for capturing fine details like small text on devices, may not be its primary strength. Typically, compact phones like the Jelly Star may have cameras optimized for general use rather than specialized tasks like macro photography. For capturing fine details, especially small text on devices, you might want to look for a phone with a dedicated macro lens or a higher-resolution camera sensor. Checking out sample photos or reviews specifically mentioning macro capabilities would give you a better idea of its performance in this aspect before making a decision.