Looking for a way to use the atom 600 kv, without a komodo

Strange request, I realize.

I’m considering the following:

Dual bp-plate → v-mount/dtap out → camera/accessories → Atom 600 kv

Is there a plate similar to this one? Or does anyone know of a reliable method for attaching the atom 600 kv to rods?


While there isn’t a single plate that has everything you need, you can use BP batteries to power your camera and Atom 600 KV. Here’s how.

Purchase a twin BP-plate to V-mount adapter. This will take your BP batteries and transform them into electricity for your camera (by V-mount) and other devices (via D-tap outputs).

Mount your Atom 600 KV individually. Locate a rod clamp that suits your camera rods (often 15mm or 19mm) and tightly attach it to them. If your Atom has a D-tap input, you can power it from the V-mount adapter’s D-tap output via a cable (see your Atom’s documentation).