Pilot Institute Reviews

I have been using Mavic drones for a while, but I recently got an Avata. I use drones a lot for filming, and I want to get certified. I’ve heard about the Pilot Institute for training. Has anyone else done their Part 107 training there? Or do you recommend another place? Thanks!

Hello @Jason, it’s great to hear that you’re looking to get certified for your drone piloting. The Pilot Institute comes highly recommended for their Part 107 training. Many users have praised the course for its comprehensive content and engaging teaching style, with a lot of them scoring high on the test after taking the course. It’s designed to be accessible even for ESL learners and includes detailed examples, quizzes that reflect the actual test questions, and helpful visual aids. If you’re looking for alternatives, UAV Coach’s Drone Pilot Ground School and Drone Launch Academy are also top contenders with excellent reviews. They offer in-depth study materials, interactive quizzes, and practice exams to ensure you’re well-prepared for the Part 107 exam. Whichever you choose, you’re making a smart move by getting certified, as it’s a significant step towards professional and responsible drone filming. Good luck!

Pilot Institute receives acclaim for its FAA PART 107 exam preparation. With high success rates, effective learning tools, and a money-back guarantee, customers commend its comprehensive courses.