Pocket-Sized outdoor drones: When Will $200 Drones Rule the Skies?

I am surprised that drones this small and affordable are not widely available yet.

Although, I’m thinking of something smaller than the DJI Spark, a compact phone sized drone that can fly outdoors and costs around $200.

Are we still years away from this, or do you think it will be available soon?

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You are right—truly pocket-sized drones, such as the $200 flier that fits like a phone, are still somewhat uncommon. Notwithstanding the ongoing reduction in technology, there remain a few obstacles, such as:

Smaller drones are more fragile and less wind-resistant for outdoor use.


These challenges are being addressed, but it might take some time.

Although the ultimate pocket powerhouse may not yet exist, developments are occurring, and you may discover a solid alternative in the interim!

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Great advice @FlightFocusFinn. @Gretchen While waiting, you may look for another alternative to easy your mind.

Honestly, I can’t say for sure. Technology is always moving fast, but those tiny, affordable outdoor drones might still be a bit down the road. Making them light enough and powerful enough for outside while keeping the price tag low is a tricky balancing act, don’t you think so?