Question about Purchasing a Drone without Geofencing

I’ve done some research and checked out the latest lists. According to Google, Autel is a good alternative to DJI. However, it seems Autel also has geofencing built into their software, and it appears it’s only a matter of time before it grounds users.

Can anyone suggest a drone with good camera features, subject tracking, and high-quality video that isn’t constrained by geofencing?

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As someone who is interested in purchasing a drone without geofencing, I’ve done extensive research to find the best options available. I’ve learned that Autel is a popular brand that offers drones without geofencing, such as the Autel Kestrel and Autel Evo II. These drones are designed for professional use and offer impressive features like long flight times, high-quality cameras, and robust sensors. Additionally, drones like the GDU O2 Drone and Yuneec Typhoon Q500 are also available without geofencing. These drones are known for their unique modes and relatively lower costs compared to the Autel Kestrel. When choosing a drone without geofencing, it’s essential to consider factors like flight time, range, and camera quality. It’s also crucial to ensure that the drone complies with local laws and regulations.


I own an Autel Evo 2 Pro drone. It doesn’t have any geo-fencing in its software or firmware, so I can fly it near airports or in military airspace without needing an unlock, unlike DJI drones. Not sure where you heard otherwise.

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I get geos for being assholes and not listening to FAA officials, but there are things banned in places I go frequently that are far from any form of operational important infrastructure or basically anything at all. It is a little annoying.