Syma X8W Battery Charger Flashing Green on One Battery

I have a new X8W and two black chargers (one that came with the drone and one I ordered separately with three extra batteries). One of the four batteries might be defective. When I plug it into either charger, the green light blinks quickly. All the other batteries show a solid light.

I also received a 3-way splitter cable with the set of three batteries. When I connect the ‘dead’ battery to one of those sockets, it seems fine.

Any idea what’s going on? Is the battery dead? Should I keep charging it or is that risky?


Blinking green light on your X8W battery might mean a problem. It could be a weak battery or your new charger might not be compatible. Try charging the blinking battery with the original charger. If it still blinks, it’s likely a weak battery and you shouldn’t use it anymore. If it charges fine with the original charger, but blinks with the separate charger, that charger might not be compatible with that specific battery. Stick to the original charger for that battery to be safe. Don’t keep charging a blinking battery - it could be risky. If you’re unsure, check the manual or contact the manufacturer for help.


The charger’s blinking green indicator indicates that one of your four batteries might be broken. Try utilizing the 3-way splitter cable to charge the battery that is giving you trouble. If it charges without any problems, the charger is probably the problem. Should the blinking light continue, there is a good chance the battery needs to be changed. It could be dangerous to keep charging a malfunctioning battery. If the splitter cable fixes the issue, please let me know.

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It is entirely new. :frowning: One cycle of charge and discharge. I believe it is time to find out which gear has the finest replacement policy! Oh no.