What are some of the best drone insurance providers comparable to State Farm’s coverage?

Hey buddies, I’ve been thinking about getting some solid insurance for my drone, something on par with what State Farm offers. You know, a provider that’s got my back in case my flying buddy decides to take an unexpected dive or gets into some other kind of trouble.

I’m looking for the full package – good coverage, fair prices, and hassle-free claims. Any of you have recommendations or personal experiences with drone insurers that really stand out? I want to make sure I’m choosing the best option to protect my aerial investment.

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Definitely go with Coverdrone. They’ve got you covered for the drone itself, any gear on the ground, and third-party liability. I had a mishap where my brand-new drone took an unplanned swim in the ocean during a boat landing gone wrong.

They sorted out my claim super fast and were super supportive throughout. Plus, the same policy now protects the replacement drone I got with the insurance payout.
Video of the incident - https://youtu.be/xjPjKvU5bEI

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Thank you! I’m located in the US, and it seems like it’s only covered in the EU

Think about companies like DroneInsurance.com that give thorough protection specifically designed for drone owners. Reputable insurers support their customizable policies, which include options for payload, hull, and liability coverage. Make sure the insurance meets your unique requirements and financial constraints, placing a high value on timely claims handling and first-rate customer support.