What are some recommendations for the best drone suitable for kids?

Hey guys, I need some help finding a top-notch drone for kids. I want something durable that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Any suggestions or tips would be awesome!


I’ve had my fair share of drone flying and even reviewed a few. For a kid’s first drone, I’d suggest starting with a small whoop-style one, especially for indoor practice.

I got three of these for my grandkids, and let me tell you, they’re practically indestructible and super easy to fly – even my 4-year-old grandkid has a blast with them. Plus, they’re still exciting enough for me to enjoy too! The camera link is speedy too, giving older kids a near-FPV experience.

They used to be $50, but honestly, they’re worth every penny even if the price has gone up a bit.

You can find them on Amazon under the name Loolin Drone.

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I got my son a Tello sometime back and I haven’t had complaints. It is fairly inexpensive but still has features.

You should be able to find one on Amazon.