What are the FAA's rules regarding flying drones over people, and how do they debunk common myths?

Alright, guys, let’s get the facts straight about FAA rules on drones flying over people. No biases, just the plain truth:

First off, it’s not as simple as just being under 250g. Even lightweight drones like the DJI Mini series aren’t allowed to fly over people. None of the DJI drones meet the regulations for flying over people because they lack necessary safety features like prop guards, which would push them over the 250g limit, and they don’t meet other FAA safety standards required for waiverless flight over people.

Also, flying over ‘Participants’ doesn’t fly with the FAA either. They’re clear that drones can only be flown over people directly involved in operating the drone, like the pilot or essential crew. Actors or subjects in a photoshoot aren’t considered part of the operation.

And don’t think the new “flexible” rules apply to everyone. They’re only for Part 107 certified pilots. If you’re not certified, flying over people is a big no-no. End of story.

So, what other myths or misunderstandings about drone rules have you guys heard floating around?

One myth is that you can fly drones anywhere on your property, but FAA regulations still apply. Another is that staying below 400 feet means you’re always compliant, ignoring rules about airports and no-fly zones. People also think they can fly at night without permissions, but you need a waiver and proper lighting.