What Gigs can I do with my drones

Hey guys what gigs can i do with my drone? I want to start earning something.

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Hello :wave: @oliviamartin ,there various gigs you can do for your drone, some of them are;

  1. Aerial Photography and Videography
  2. Inspections and Surveys
  3. Search and Rescue
  4. Mapping and 3D Modeling
  5. Environmental Monitoring
  6. Delivery Services
  7. Advertising and Marketing
  8. Education and Training
  9. Security and Surveillance

Some of the gigs you can try are:
Aerial photography, videography, mapping, surveying, or building and bridge inspections.

Get your FAA Part 107 certification, then reach out to realtors. Practice video editing a lot and try to get a YouTube account up and running.

Last year, I was living in Florida after Hurricane Ian. They lifted the ban on drones several days afterward. I took videos of subdivisions that were inaccessible, and people reached out to me to inspect their property. I used my FPV drone to get in closer and told people donations were appreciated but not required. Most people helped, even if it was just 10 bucks.

Start this as a side income until you find your niche. I only started making real money when I had multiple drones to offer different services.

One profitable gig you can do with your drone is aerial photography and videography for real estate listings. Recently, I used my drone to capture stunning aerial shots and video tours of a high-end property for a real estate agent. The unique aerial perspectives highlighted the property’s features, such as its expansive yard, pool, and proximity to nearby parks. This helped the agent create a compelling listing that attracted more potential buyers and ultimately facilitated a quicker sale. The agent was thrilled with the results and has since referred me to other colleagues, making it a rewarding and lucrative venture.