What's the Best Drone Under $500 That's Made in America?

I am a nature photographer interested in getting into the drone hobby. I’m looking for a decent drone under $500 that is made in the USA. Any recommendations or insights would be greatly appreciated!


It can be difficult to find the best drone produced in America for around $500, but the Skydio 2 is one drone to take into consideration. Renowned for its sophisticated self-navigating abilities, it was created and put together in the United States of America. Drone aficionados favor this drone because of its remarkable tracking and obstacle avoidance capabilities.


Hi, For strictly under $500 options, you might need to consider non-American brands or look at used or refurbished models. Unfortunately, the competitive pricing and manufacturing efficiency of Chinese brands dominate the lower price range in the consumer drone market​

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Mini 2 fly more combo, might be a bit over 500 but very worth it