What's the best way to fly a drone around Ko Mat Sum, Thailand?

Hey everyone, I’m planning a trip to Ko Mat Sum in Thailand and I really want to bring my drone to capture some amazing footage. Do any of you have tips or advice on the best way to fly a drone around the area?

Like, are there any specific spots I should hit, rules I need to be aware of, or general flying advice for that region?


Make sure you have drone insurance as well. It’s a good safety measure.

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Hey @Unclewaffl3s! For flying a drone around Ko Mat Sum, make sure to follow Thailand’s drone regulations: register your drone, keep it below 90 meters, and avoid no-fly zones. The best spots are around the beaches and the viewpoints for stunning footage. Early morning flights give you great lighting and fewer crowds.

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Flying a drone around Ko Mat Sum, Thailand can be a fantastic way to capture the island’s beauty, but it’s important to follow some guidelines and regulations to ensure safety and compliance with local laws also make sure you are aware of and comply with Thailand’s drone regulations. In Thailand, drones over 2 kilograms require registration with the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), and drones with cameras must be registered regardless of their weight. Obtain the necessary permits for flying a drone. You might need permission from local authorities or the CAAT.