What's the scoop on Walmart's drone delivery service with DroneUp?

Hey guys, I’m studying for my Part 107 exam, and I came across this scenario: Let’s say you live in a town near a popular mountain where people go for overnight hiking trips. You want to start a business where a drone, guided by GPS, transports hikers’ sleeping bags and tents from town to the camping site, so they don’t have to carry them. Would this be allowed under Part 107?

The correct answer is that it’s not allowed. I mistakenly thought it might be permitted with a beyond-VLOS waiver, but turns out, any operation like this would need a waiver, and the FAA won’t grant waivers for carrying property for compensation or hire beyond visual line of sight.

Now, considering this, do you think Walmart’s partnership with DroneUp for drone delivery services here in Phoenix is legal? I’m a bit puzzled by it.


This doesn’t sit well with me. Here in Arkansas, they want to claim all the airspace just for themselves. They’ve begun building an airport less than 3 miles from my house, but they stopped because they’re planning to sue hobbyists, saying they’ll hurt their business.

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Hi there! Transporting hikers’ equipment outside of their visual line of sight for pay or hire is prohibited by Part 107. Walmart and DroneUp may be able to legally collaborate thanks to a unique FAA waiver, though, since they most likely have a thorough plan in place to guarantee both safety and legal compliance. Waivers are evaluated on an individual basis and subject to certain conditions.