Where can I get a triangle drone?

Has anyone come across black triangular drones with a central light? Last 4th of July during the fireworks display, I observed one hovering amidst the fireworks. Initially, I presumed it was just another drone among the ones flying around and didn’t think much of it. However, now that I’m more interested in drones and recently acquired the Mavic Air 2, I tried to find information or a similar model for sale but couldn’t find anything. Any insights?

I haven’t personally come across black triangular drones with a central light, but I can understand why you’re curious about it, especially after witnessing it during a fireworks display.

As for finding information or a similar model for sale, it sounds like you’ve already done some digging without much luck. Sometimes, drones used for special events or displays might not be readily available to the public, or they could be custom-made for specific purposes.

One suggestion I have is to reach out to local drone enthusiasts or forums dedicated to drone technology. You might find someone who has encountered a similar drone or has more insights into its origin.

Another option is to keep an eye on drone manufacturers and retailers. New models and technologies are constantly being developed and released, so you never know when something similar might hit the market.