Who makes stealth bird 4k

Is it an American-made product?


It’s rumored that this was crafted by former DJI engineers who were allegedly dismissed for revealing the company’s practice of cutting costs on drone production while hiking up prices.


@Smith These types of drones often use generic designs and components, making it hard to identify the original manufacturer.

Here is the reason:

Reviews are negative, implying that it is a cheap drone with deceptive advertising.
Major Retailers Do Not Sell It: Reputable drone platforms or companies do not stock it.

It’s generally recommended to avoid drones like the Stealth Bird 4K and stick with established brands like DJI or Skydio.

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“Stealth Bird 4K” is likely a product or concept related to technology or aviation, possibly a drone. For a more accurate opinion, I’d need more context on its purpose or function.