3DR Solo Drone Reviews

I recently received a virtually brand-new, still-in-the-box 3DR Solo drone with gimbal. The company appears to be no longer in business, however I see some alternative software possibilities - I have never operated a drone.

Is there software that I can use to upgrade the controller and drone and incorporate a flight simulator?

Which GoPro camera model fits the gimbal and works with the appropriate software?

Thanks in advance!

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Hey @RotorRogueRyan, Yes, there are several software options that can help you upgrade your drone controller and add a flight simulator for a better flying experience. Here are some recommendations you can chose from:

  1. DJI Virtual Flight: This is a simulator app that lets you practice flying DJI drones. It shows you how to connect the controller and goggles to your phone and offers different practice modes and scenarios.
  2. Betaflight: This is a popular open-source flight control software used by many in the FPV drone racing and freestyle community. It’s known for its high performance and precision.
  3. AirSim: Developed by Microsoft, AirSim is a simulator for drones and cars built on Unreal Engine. It supports simulations with popular flight controllers like PX4 and ArduPilot.
  4. MATLAB and Simulink: If you want to create your own flight software, MATLAB and Simulink let you develop and program drone flight software. You can even convert the Simulink model into C code to load onto the drone.