Amazon flying drones

I’ve been flying my DJI Mini 2 drone for more than two years, and today was my first time getting kicked out. While flying near the Amazon Spheres in downtown Seattle, a security guard approached me twice, eventually telling me to land my drone, claiming I was violating Amazon’s privacy. Despite following all rules (flying from public property, staying within visual line of sight, and being TRUST certified), I had to comply. I’m frustrated since I wasn’t breaking any regulations. How do you guyz handle such situations and address privacy concerns? Would getting my Part 107 certification provide more credibility? Any advice is appreciated!

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What exactly do u mean? Amazon’s drone delivery service, Prime Air, is still under development but has started deliveries in select areas. The program uses drones to autonomously fly packages to customers.

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To avoid escalation, comply with security personnel. For future flights, contact facilities to learn their drone policies. Getting your Part 107 certification can help, but each facility may have its own rules. Fly in less sensitive areas when possible. Always prioritize safety and cooperation.

Getting kicked out even when following the rules is the worst. Security guards can be overly cautious sometimes.

Maybe we can create a resource list where drone flyers can share their experiences with different locations and their drone policies?