Any affordable drones with screen on the controller?

Hey guys, a few years ago, finding a controller with a screen was very simple and did not cost a lot of money. However, these days, controllers with screens are either extremely expensive or nonexistent.


You can check these two which are among my best ones so far:

  • DJI Mini 4 Pro with DJI RC: A compact choice with a built-in screen, suitable for beginners and enthusiasts.
  • DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo with DJI RC: A mid-range option that balances features and affordability.
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I’ve noticed a shift in the availability and affordability of controllers with screens. A few years ago, these controllers were more accessible and reasonably priced, offering added convenience and functionality. However, in today’s market, such controllers have become scarce or prohibitively expensive. For those seeking a similar experience, I’ve found that utilizing smartphone apps as second screens or investing in accessories like clip-on screens for existing controllers can provide a cost-effective alternative. These solutions maintain some of the benefits of controllers with screens, such as enhanced gameplay features and immersive experiences, without the high price tag or rarity of dedicated screen-equipped controllers.

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The DJI Mini 4 Pro with the DJI Smart Controller is one of the best overall drone and controller combos, offering impressive flight time, range, and a bright built-in screen, though it comes at a premium price of around $1,159. Another option is the DJI RC 2 remote controller, which has a 5.5-inch FHD display and can be used with compatible DJI drones, but it also costs $309. For a more budget-friendly choice, the Hubsan H501S X4 drone with its included controller that has a built-in screen is a good beginner option, though it lacks 4K video and has been discontinued.


Mavric small is quite inexpensive.