Are Exo drones any good?

What are your opinions on Exo drones? I’m considering investing in one and would like to hear about your experiences and whether they’re worth the purchase.

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Exo drones are a solid investment if you value durability and versatility. Their rugged design makes them suitable for various environments, and they often come equipped with advanced features like obstacle avoidance and long battery life. While they may come with a higher price tag, their performance and reliability justify the investment for serious drone enthusiasts.

I’ve been looking into Exo drones, and the verdict seems mixed. Some users on Best Buy love their Blackhawk 3 for its ease of use, great camera, and long flight time. But others online suspect Exo might just rebrand cheaper drones, with reports of quality control issues. There’s a chance you could get a good deal on features but be prepared for potentially lower quality compared to established brands.