Are there drones that can be used without a smartphone?

I don’t know much about drones, but I have a family member who wants one for Christmas. A friend of mine has the DJI Mini SE, and I’m looking for something similar in how it works and costs, but it shouldn’t need a smartphone because the person I’m buying it for doesn’t have one.

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@Donna, you can fly DJI Mini without a phone, and you can also shoot video. You may also be unable to fly it if authorizations are required to launch, simply because you will be unable to provide such authorizations.

Would I fly without the app? Yes, I have done it IN A SAFE PLACE with no one else present. At one point, you will be shooting blindly.

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro is a popular choice for both consumers and businesses. It has a built-in display screen on the flight controller, so you don’t need a smartphone to fly it. This makes flying easy and convenient.

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There is what you desire. There isn’t anything that you want that can be purchased for less than $200. Consider this: you want a good camera, right? That exceeds $200 in cost. Additionally, you desire a controller with a display that can operate the aforementioned camera. That exceeds $200 in cost. And you want to be able to FLY with the camera. The affordability of drones is astounding. However, you won’t find a good one for less than $200, and you won’t find one with a controller display for less than $200 either. Your budget will be completely destroyed by the controller alone, even without a flying camera.

When I was researching drones as a gift for a family member who didn’t use a smartphone, I encountered a similar dilemma. The DJI Mini SE, like many modern drones, relies heavily on smartphone connectivity for operation and features like camera control and GPS navigation. After exploring options, I found that the Holy Stone HS165 is a good alternative.

It’s a beginner-friendly drone that offers similar functionalities to the DJI Mini SE but doesn’t require a smartphone for basic operation. Instead, it comes with its own remote control equipped with a built-in LCD screen for live video feed and controls. This makes it more accessible and straightforward to use for someone who prefers not to use a smartphone or may not have one. The Holy Stone HS165 is affordable, easy to fly, and still capable of capturing decent aerial footage, making it a suitable choice for a Christmas gift.