Best drone for construction

Hey everyone, so I’ve been looking in to getting a drone for marketing purposes for my company. We do underground utilities just looking to get it for marketing purposes and little bit of preparation for projects.

Was looking at mavic 2 pro or Dj mini 3 just wondering what your thoughts are

I would say I’m a medium in flying skill also

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The DJI Mavic 2 Pro and Mini 3 are both excellent choices for project preparation and marketing. For images of a professional caliber, the Mavic 2 Pro’s camera quality and adaptability are exceptional. The Mini 3 is more affordable and portable, making it ideal for those with modest flying experience and minimal aerial imaging requirements. Give your priorities and spending plan serious thought.

For marketing and utility prep, both the Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mini 3 are solid choices. The Mavic 2 Pro offers superior image quality with its Hasselblad camera, ideal for showcasing your projects. The DJI Mini 3, though smaller, is great for its portability and ease of use. Since you’re a medium skill level flyer, I’d lean towards the DJI Mini 3 for its user-friendly interface and lower learning curve.

I’ve been looking at the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and the new DJI Mini 3 Pro. Does anyone have any experience with these for commercial use?

Thanks for the breakdown! That makes a lot of sense.

The image quality of the Mavic 2 Pro is tempting, but for now, the ease of use and portability of the Mini 3 sounds like a better fit, especially as I get more comfortable flying.