Best drone to buy off of Amazon?

I am just searching for a decent drone under 200. I am new to drones. I just wanted to mess around and make odd vids using a camera. Searching for a single person to play with. Any recommend from the Amazon ! Will appreciate


Unless we define “good” differently, you won’t find anything under $200.

I think the DJI Mini line is good, but the price would have to be multiplied.

I apologize, but anything that costs that much is just a toy.

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I purchased an RUKO F11 and have made numerous flight hours. For novices, this drone is excellent. Actually, this morning I took a flight and got some amazing photographs. I spent $390.00 on it. However, I wasn’t ready to spend the entire $1k on a DJI until I was certain I wouldn’t break and lose a costly one. I’m happy that I made this buy. A lovely case, a land pad, a drone, and two batts. I find it interesting. However, I recently informed my spouse that I believe it’s time for the Dji or Autel, so perhaps Santa will be especially kind.

For that price you will only get beginner drones on Amazon and they only come with cameras (which are of low quality). To get a better drone you’ll have to increase your budget

When selecting the ideal drone on Amazon, consider aspects like camera quality, flight duration, range, GPS capabilities, and user-friendly features. Reading reviews and comparing specifications will guide you in finding a drone that matches your budget and intended use effectively.