Best no-fly zone map? (USA, esp NY state)

I’m considering purchasing a drone but want to ensure I stay compliant with regulations to avoid any unintentional legal issues! :sweat_smile:

Could anyone recommend the best and most comprehensive no-fly zone map for drones? I intend to primarily use it for aerial landscape and nature photography.

I’m particularly interested in maps with detailed data for the Long Island area in New York State, as that’s where I currently spend most of my time. However, it would also be helpful to have a reliable map covering the rest of the country for reference when I travel. Any suggestions?

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The FAA has a free app for phones called B4UFly. This app tells you about real-time flight limits based on where you are and helps you figure out if you need permission to fly in a certain area.

To check if a specific area is a no-fly zone, you can use resources like the FAA’s UAS Facilities Map, which provides information on airspace restrictions. Additionally, drone apps like B4UFLY and AirMap offer real-time data on no-fly zones.

When it comes to staying compliant with drone regulations and finding reliable no-fly zone maps, I recommend using the AirMap app or website. It provides detailed information on no-fly zones, including restricted areas and airspace regulations, tailored to your location. For your needs in the Long Island area of New York State, AirMap offers specific and up-to-date data. Moreover, it covers the entire United States comprehensively, making it handy for when you travel and want to ensure you’re flying your drone legally and safely. It’s a solid choice for drone enthusiasts focusing on aerial photography of landscapes and nature.