Best older (2nd hand) drones

In search of my very first drone. Being an amateur photographer and filmmaker, I am searching for a drone that can capture high-quality footage, ideally in RAW.

The projects I have planned are:

  • Photographing Street art (will need good lens and RAW shooting)
  • Action video (BMX, sailing, and surfing, so good object tracking and flight times)
  • Photogrammetry (Vehicles, and buildings)

Think twice before justifying such a large expenditure. It is difficult to decide which of the many possibilities available.

Thanks in Advance!

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How much do you intend to spend? Understanding your budget will help get better suggestions.

If DJI drones are out of your budget, decent photography drones are out of your budget. DJI rules the market. There are other options (Autel, for instance), but they won’t be as good and be cheaper. FB Market place is you best bet for used ones.