Best starter drone for kids

The title says it all. I’m looking for something that is high quality and will hold up, but I don’t necessarily want to break the bank since it’s for a kid. I appreciate any advice or recommendations.

A Ryze Tello drone would do. It has these and more amazing functions:

  • can hover if you let go of the controls
  • can handle a little breeze
  • has a camera
  • doesn’t require a smartphone to use the camera
  • has reasonable battery life (I think 15 minutes would be great)
  • has some protection for the propellers and can handle being banged into objects while he’s learning, without falling apart
  • has game controller-like controls

However, there’s one thing to keep in mind.

You have to use a smartphone to save any pictures you take, and the phone also serves as the controller. However, you can use an Xbox Bluetooth controller to steer it instead.

If you’re talking about a fast drone for racing, Hisingy Stargazer looks cool. But it doesn’t have a full manual mode, so you have to use their app to get better at flying faster and other skills. Another option is the Sub250 Whoopfly16 RTF kit. It comes with more standard FPV software and lets you upgrade it later if you want.