Busting Myths on FAA's Drone Rules on Flying Over People

FAA rules are strict on drones flying over people. Drones under 250g, like DJI Mini series, aren’t allowed. No DJI drones meet the safety standards for flight over people. Prop guards push weight over 250g. Only Part 107 certified pilots can fly over people, and only those directly involved in the drone’s operation are allowed underneath.

FAA regulations permit drones to fly over people under specific conditions. Drones classified as Category 1, which weigh less than 0.55 pounds, are allowed to fly over individuals without any restrictions. Drones in Categories 2-4, however, must adhere to certain requirements and limitations to maintain safety.

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FAA rules are strict about drones flying over people. Even lightweight drones like the DJI Mini series (under 250g) aren’t allowed because they don’t meet the safety standards. Adding prop guards makes them too heavy. Only Part 107 certified pilots can fly drones over people, and only those directly involved with the drone can be underneath.

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Yeah, i agree with you but in the end its also illegal to fly a drone above an individual with permission from the FAA authority.

Hold on! There are some misconceptions here!

  • The FAA allows drone flights over people under certain conditions, even for recreational flyers (not just Part 107).
  • DJI Mini 3 (under 249g) can be flown over people if they’re covered or participating. Prop guards might add weight, so check the total weight with them on.
  • Part 107 certification isn’t always required for over-people flights.

Always prioritize safety and check the FAA’s resources for specifics: https://www.faa.gov/uas

DJI Mini 3 (under 249g) can fly over covered people or those participating in the flight. Prop guards might affect weight, so double-check.

The FAA is responsible for the safety of U.S. airspace from the ground up.

While there is a misconception that the FAA doesn’t control airspace below 400 feet, this is not true.

Manned aircraft generally have to stay at least 500 feet above the ground, but the FAA still has authority over airspace below 400 feet.

No matter the rules, always put safety first when flying a drone. Follow FAA guidelines, know the airspace restrictions, and stay updated on any changes to ensure safe and responsible drone use.