Can you attach a thermal camera to DJI drones?

I am interested in using thermal imaging for specific applications and wondering if it is feasible to integrate such technology with DJI models like the Mavic or Phantom series. Has anyone successfully done this, and what are the considerations or limitations to be aware of?

Integrating thermal imaging with DJI drones is feasible with the right equipment and setup considerations. Cameras like the FLIR Vue TZ20 are tailored for DJI models such as the Mini 3, enabling thermal capabilities through straightforward mounting on the camera gimbal. For other models like the Mavic Air 2, options like the FLIR Hadron can be adapted for DIY projects, though compatibility with DJI gear may require customization. Proper attachment using recommended brackets and harnesses, along with secure cable connections, is crucial to ensure stable operation. When selecting a drone, DJI’s Matrice series with XT2 cameras are reliable choices for integrating FLIR capabilities. These steps help maximize the utility of thermal imaging in drone operations.

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You can buy them already equipped, but there isn’t a plug-and-play solution for drones that don’t already have them.

Hello, Julias. It depends on the size of the drone; you might be able to strap a GoPro-sized Flir duo to it, but it would probably not be ideal.