Cheap Underwater drone/rov

Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew of a pretty affordable underwater drone that costs about 250 euros.


Nothing reliable is going to be that cheap. For a basic entry-level ROV, not just a glorified pool toy, the Chasing Dory is a decent option. It costs about $500 and has a maximum depth of around 50 feet, but it has a small battery, and I don’t like using my phone to control it. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, you could get the Gladius Mini for around $1,000 or the PowerVision PowerRay, which is $900 but currently 20% off on Amazon, bringing it down to $719; quite tempting.

Well, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Ask me in a week or so what I think of the PowerRay. It arrives on Wednesday, lol. The Wizard version was also 20% off, and for an extra $80, it comes with the fish finder and bait dropper accessory. Considering I planned to use it as an on-boat toy, the extra cost was a no-brainer.

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Any new information? I’m eager to investigate these as well.