Cost for drone Photography?

How much does it cost for drone photography in real estate?

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It depends man bust must be huge bucks!

Here it depends on the qualifications of the photographer, the cost may be from USD 70 to USD 250.

The cost for drone photography in real estate depends on Rate Type and Experience Level

Here is how much drone photography costs in real estate i have illustrated it on an infographic:

Drone real estate photography pricing varies. Expect $100-$200 for a 20-30 min flight with 5 photos.

Market size and services influence rates.

Prices for real estate drone photography typically range from $250 to $500, covering 5 to 10+ aerial photos along with a 30- to 120-second video.

For drone photography services, rates vary from $50 to $300 per hour.

Drone photography typically ranges from $70 to $250 per hour or $250 to $350 per project.
A completed project usually includes up to 15 high-resolution aerial images.
If you desire additional fully-edited drone video footage along with photos, prices may increase to $500 or more.
The average hourly rate falls around $160, with a minimum of $70 and a maximum of $250 per hour.

Costs for real estate drone photography range from $100 to 300 per property depending on the deliverables needed.

Additional footage may be $50 to 100.

Annual commercial licenses are also required which cost a few hundred dollars.

That pricing breakdown is really helpful! It gives a good sense of what to budget for if someone is planning to hire a drone photographer. The range in cost definitely reflects different skill levels and project complexities. Thanks for sharing this!