Did Wyze rebrand for japan called Atom?

I came onto this camera, the Atom Cam V2, which appears to be limited to Japan.

20210523-atom-cam-2 is available at GIGAZINE - GIGAZNE.

Based on the text and videos, it appears that nearly every aspect, including the setup, construction, and app, is similar to Wyze V3. Is Wyze rebranding this product line, or is Wyze just purchasing pre-made Chinese platforms?


So all of Wyze’s films boasting about how much time they spent researching and developing the Outdoor cam, etc., are just lies?


Yes, Wyze is essentially just rebranding some already-existing products. The Xiaomi Xiaofang cam’s design is comparable to that of the V2.

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The Atom Cam V2 appears quite similar to the Wyze V3 camera. Here are a couple of possibilities:

  1. Rebranding: Wyze might be using pre-made Chinese camera platforms, similar to the Atom Cam V2, to speed up their product launches without full in-house development.
  2. Licensing or Purchasing: Wyze could have licensed or bought the Atom Cam design for their V3 model, allowing them to build on a proven hardware platform.

Without insider details, it’s speculative, but the resemblance suggests Wyze might be leveraging an existing Chinese-made camera rather than designing everything from scratch. This practice is common in budget consumer electronics. It will be interesting to see if Wyze addresses this connection openly.