Do you happen to know of any DJI discount codes?

Hey guys, I’m thinking of getting the DJI mini 3, but being a student, I’m all about saving some cash. Any idea where I could score some coupons? Or maybe if someone’s got a spare coupon code lying around that they won’t be using, I’d really appreciate it. Just trying to pinch those pennies before I hit the checkout button.

Thanks a bunch!

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Work for a retailer that sells these and gives discounts to employees on new products.
Work for DJI in Hong Kong.

This is the holder of the largest market share. They don’t have to offer discounts to anyone at all. Rather, you need to seek a way to buy it at the wholesale price, which means working with a retailer (since DJI is their distributor).

Things that stage themselves as DJI drones are scammers who looking for unsuspecting Americans. I fear advising on that subject mayne.