Drone Insurance

Hey guys, I am so afraid I may lose my drone. I considered purchasing insurance to protect myself in case something happened. Have any other people got insurance on theirs? Endorse an insurance provider?

It’s becoming increasingly common for drone pilots, especially those using drones for commercial purposes, to obtain drone insurance. Here’s why:

Why Get Drone Insurance?

Protection: Insurance safeguards you financially if your drone is lost, stolen, or damaged in an accident.

Liability Coverage: It also covers you in case your drone injures someone or damages property during flight.

Drone Insurance Providers

There are several reputable drone insurance providers available. Here are a few popular options, but it’s important to do your own research to find the best fit for your needs:

  • State Farm: Offers drone coverage as an add-on to their existing homeowners or renters insurance policies.
  • Allstate: Provides drone insurance through their “Gadget Coverage” plan.
  • Lemonade: Offers customizable drone insurance plans with flexible coverage options.
  • SkyWatch.AI: Specializes in drone insurance and offers a variety of plans for hobbyists and commercial operators.

I had the same fear, so I got insurance for mine. It really gives peace of mind. I went with State Farm, and they were great. I can definitely recommend them.

Having spent a lot in purchasing my drone I had to find a way to secure insurance for it. I use Coverdrone as my insurance provider and recommend you do so too.

Coverdrone Insurance Company is a great pick if you want to obtain coverage for your drone.