Drone rules in Australia

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I am having trouble finding clear information on where I can fly my Mini 3 Pro, specifically in Sydney but applicable to the rest of Australia. I have tried a few fly apps, but they do not have a filter to show areas where a 250g drone can be flown.

According to the CASA website, if your drone weighs more than 250 grams, you must fly at least 5.5 kilometers away from a controlled airport, typically one with a control tower.

So, if I’m flying a drone under 250g, away from people, and below 120m in altitude, what other areas must I avoid? I would love to see a map specifically for recreational drones under 250g. Thanks!


Not to worry! In Oz, you have greater freedom if you weigh less than 250g, but there are still limits. Steer clear of people, crises, and restricted airspace (see the CASA website). For general zones, drone safety apps are helpful, but there are not many sub-250g maps available. For detailed rules, see the CASA website and get in touch with the authorities or local parks. Cheers to your flight!

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Yeah, I hear you. Those drone rules can be confusing. At least CASA’s website is clear about the 5.5km from controlled airports.


AGL: 120 m/400 ft; radii of 30 m around any person or moving vehicle, at any altitude (this includes consenting individuals).
-Flying at any time of day is prohibited. -Any active controlled runway is located within a 5.5 km radius. -Uncontrolled airfields, helipads, and hospitals must be avoided. -If an aircraft is operating, you must land.
-be mindful of places that are off-limits, like military airspace and Sydney Harbor.
-No activities without a permit are allowed in national parks