Drone with camera that doesn’t need a smartphone

I’m not familiar with drones, but a family member of mine is interested in getting one for Christmas. A friend recommended the DJI Mini SE, and I’m searching for something similar in terms of functionality and price. However, I need one that doesn’t rely on a smartphone for operation since the intended recipient doesn’t own a smartphone.

I may be of help but same here I’m not familiar with drones but I can recommend one or two drones that you may use that don’t rely on a smartphone for operations:

  1. Potensic Dreamer Mini 2: Controller, camera, 2.5mi range, 30min flight
  2. Holy Stone HS210: Budget-friendly, easy to fly, 1640ft range, 20min flight (147 characters)

Both drone have their controller and don’t rely on a smartphone operation.

The DJI Mini 3 has an option to use the RC Remote, which has a screen built in. You might even be able to find one on eBay at a good price as a lot of pilots are upgrading to the Mini 4 pro.

You may want to try Autel which offers a smart controller that eliminates the need for a phone (Smartphone)

Consider the Holy Stone HS120D as a smartphone-free alternative to the DJI Mini SE. It offers similar functionality, including GPS-assisted flight, altitude hold, one-key takeoff/landing, and a 1080p HD camera. The drone comes with its own remote controller, making it easy to operate without a smartphone.