Drone with night vision and thermal camera price

Could you provide an estimate for the cost of building a drone equipped with a thermal camera and night vision capabilities? To add on, would a high-quality camera be sufficient for night flying, or is specialized night vision essential? I am particularly interested in night operations, so having effective night vision is crucial.


Building a drone with thermal and night vision capabilities can cost anywhere from $1000 to $4200+. While a high-quality camera might work in some low-light conditions, for true night flying, a specialized night vision camera is essential for effective operation, and u will be good to go!!:ok_hand:

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Im a little bit curious? Do you want to build a drone or do you want to buy a drone with such features? Re-Inventing the wheel has never been a smart option, in my honest opinion

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According to me they are generally more expensive than high-quality cameras due to specialized hardware.

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Drone with night vision can cost up to $1700–$6500 (night vision camera + heat).

The camera quality isn’t sufficient for complete night operations.

For the best results, invest in specialized night vision equipment.